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في الإعلام

19 فبراير,2015
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 22.13.22

Parodia delle esecuzioni dell’Isis, l’intervista ai film makers siriani || ضايعة الطاسة

15 فبراير,2015

تقرير قناة لايف نيوز الروسية عن أعمال ضايعة الطاسة

12 فبراير,2015
Isis-satiiria vaikka henki menisi – Yle haastatteli ääri-islamisteja BB cialis vs viagra 2012 Dry synvisc one canadian pharmacy Styling http://viagracanadianpharmacy-norx.com/ High cialis commercial find a bathroom […]
3 فبراير,2015
By YAROSLAV TROFIMOV Feb. 2, 2015 GAZIANTEP, Turkey— Youssef Helali, who joined the Syrian uprising in its early days, has seen many of his one-time Found […]